Inne i handelsboden

Löfberg's Commercial museum

Visiting A. Emil Löfberg's Country store in Håkanbol is like going back 100 years in time. Advertising signs, fittings, tills, goods, even accounts books have all been preserved. Here you can find the jars your grandmother had in her cupboards, the poster you chose your ice-cream from and old classic advertisements.

Uteserveringen i Håkanbol
This old store, which has now been turned into a museum, breathes history. Here you can just stand, breathing in the atmosphere and looking at all the superbly preserved details from the last century. Where the museum now stands, the former country store was run from early in 1891 until it closed 1979. The museum is conveniently located by the Otterbäck railway and is a perfect stop-off if you have rented an inspection trolley.

Attached to the museum is a café decorated in period style, where you can enjoy a coffe and a cake and where you can still buy sweets in paper cones and freshly ground coffe from the shop.